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English is today's lingua franca, but the internationalization and localization of products are necessary to meet customers' expectations, gain new markets and be compliant with government regulations. Product development and documentation requirements for quality and usability also apply to localized versions. To achieve product requirements, it is essential to thoroughly verify internationalization and localization by suitable quality measures. These measures are indispensable even if product development and localization teams are working according to internationalization and localization guidelines.

Expanding businesses into other countries or other cultures in your country means that you will be conveying your messages to people who speak other languages. What's more, your audience may have cultural background other than yours -- and it does matter.

Surprisingly many people think that creating, say, a website in a foreign language means just to translate the existing English version. Good translation by all means is very important. But what about putting your message into the context of the particular culture, which is native to your new audience?

This process is called "website localization". It is like "tuning" your website (both content and design) into unison with mentality of other people -- the prospective visitors. MORE...


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